Frequently Asked Questions:

How safe are rope access solutions?

We at Seilpraktiker pay careful attention to job safety. Our climbers are all FISAT-certified and SCC educated. They complete first aid courses every other year as well as occupational health checks and take part in annual rope access trainings. We thereby make sure that every single one of our workers is in good shape!

When are rope access solutions not possible?

Thunder storm and high wind speed force our climbers to stop working, as they would be exposed to serious dangers. Working at temperatures below zero however may still be possible, but depends on the kind of work that has to be done.
Aside from these considerations, industrial climbing is possible under all other weather conditions and also at night.

In which fields are rope access solutions not possible?

In theory rope access solutions are possible in any field and for any kind of object. Even for complicated objects, where man lifts or scaffolding would be impossible, we always find a way.

How much do the rope access and positioning techniques impair the object/surface?

Compared to scaffoldings, which have to be fixed to the facade and thereby damage it, rope access solutions are a more gentle technique. As such, rope access solutions are also possible on objects that must not be subject to damage, for example on a heritage building.

How much does it cost to employ industrial climbers?

In comparison with man lifts and scaffoldings, rope access solutions are often the cheaper option. To get a better idea of how much your project costs, you can request a free cost estimate.

What kind of work is possible with rope access solutions?

In general all kinds of works are possible with rope access solutions. Even big and heavy machines can be positioned with ropes and lifting gear and can be operated by our climbers.
You can find an overview of our work under "Services".
If you have doubts about wheather or not we can fulfill your order, please just contact us. We always manage to find a solution!

Which skilled trades do the climbers have?

Our FISAT-certifed climbers possess manual skills with several years experience in various skilled trades. The co-workers of Seilpraktiker are not only excellent climbers but they are also technically skilled.

How time-consuming are rope access solutions?

Compared to scaffoldings and man lifts, rope access solutions are usually the quicker option. If you want your project to be done fast, because for example you are bound by a tight schedule, it is possible to simply deploy a few climbers more and thus save a substantial amount of time.

Who attends to the provision of the needed materials?

Of course all material that is needed for the rope acces is provided by Seilpraktiker. The individually needed materials for your project can either be procured by us or you can provide them yourself. But we gladly take care of it.