The work of our trained industrial climbers always meets the highest safety requirements:

  • certified according to FISAT
  • years of experience as rope access technicians
  • annual rope access trainings and further education
  • certified according to SCC (Safety Certificate Contractors)
  • trained first aiders

work according to:

  • German technical regulations for operational safety (TRBS) 2121 part 3
  • Regulations 198 and 199 of the Employers Liability Insurance Association (BGR)
  • EU Directive 2001/457/EWG (= EEC, European Economic Community)
  • EN standard, ISO 9000

equipment certified according to:

  • Guideline 906 of the Employers’ Liability Insurance Association (BGG)
  • German Equipment and Product Safety Act
  • EU Directive 89/686/EWG